The Three Pillars of Holistic Chiropractic – By Dr. Kellie Seth

Listen to Dr. Kellie Seth of Healing River Chiropractic explain in this video her philosophy of holistic chiropractic based on the three pillars of health – structure, chemistry and emotional/spiritual.

The Power of Morphogenic Field Technique - By Dr. Kellie Seth

Dr. Kellie Seth explains the value of using the Morphogenic Field Technique in helping her patients regain their health in this short - but powerful – video.

Case Studies With Dr. Kellie Seth

Case Study: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Kellie Seth explains how she was able to successfully treat a patient's Irritable Bowel Syndrome and help her get back the life she once led.

Case Study: Hip and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Kellie Seth explains in this enlightening video how she helped a patient end years of shoulder and hip pain by using a technique called the Emotional Code.

Case Study: Tailbone Pain

Dr. Kellie Seth discusses how she helped a patient suffering from debilitating tailbone pain become pain free and resume her active life.

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