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Standard Process makes whole food supplements designed to deliver specific nutritional support to the body. The company grows crops on its certified organic farm .

Nutrition Response Testing

Why can't I get everything I need from my diet?

First, remember that as a society, our dietary habits have changed over the past couple of generations. A healthy diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables should be preferably fresh. Fresh frozen is still good, but not as good as "off the farm" fresh! Recent studies indicate that the majority of meals in the U.S. are eaten in restaurants rather than in the home. Restaurant food tends to be too high in fat and sugar.

Additionally, convenience foods now make up a much higher percentage of the average diet than they did in the past. In some people, well over 60% of their food is from so-called "empty" calorie foods (candy, sweets, chips, or other highly processed foods that contain very little real nutritional value other than calories). Remember that the more highly processed a food is, the more likely it is to have a low nutritional value.

Another factor is the high stresses found in today's fast-paced and busy life. The greater the external stresses, the higher the nutritional demands on the body. Eating a poor-quality diet robs you of the nutritional factors necessary to help you stay healthy.

Lastly, many people are simply unaware of how to shop for healthy foods. Convenience and taste become the major criteria for food selection, while nutritional value is given little attention, if any at all. Many nutritional researchers point to the rising problems of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases of modern society as evidence of the deteriorating quality of the diet most people consume.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity
Environmental Toxins
Heart Burn
Joint Pain
Poor Sleep
Chronic Pain


Common conditions treated:

Hormonal Imbalance

Sluggish Thyroid

Weight Gain



Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Viral Infections

Immune Challenges


Skin Issues

Imagine having a diagnostic tool which could tell you immediately what is wrong with your body when you are ill, without expensive and time consuming medical testing. For that matter, what if that tool could tell you the health status of your body at any time? At Healing River Chiropractic, we have a tool that can do exactly that. Our tool – Nutrition Response Testing – harnesses the body’s innate intelligence to help it heal itself.

Nutrition Response Testing technique can easily determine where our body's deficiencies and symptoms lie.  Need more information?  Stop in  our office and take home valuable health information that can  lead you to your health's greatest potential or call our office at 651-439-3737 and schedule a Nutrition Response appointment.