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If You’re Sensitive to Gluten, Then Gluten-Mimicking Foods Might Also Be a Problem 

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Do Your Food Restrictions Leave You Looking For Help?

If you’ve recently visited Healing River Chiropractic for a nutrition appointment, and the resulting tests reveal you suffer from food sensitivities, or have detox needs, or face immune challenges – or all three - have you wondered “how do I figure out how to eat in the future”? Well, we have the answer. Dr. Lindsay Briggs from Healing River Chiropractic is offering patients nutrition counseling to help them understand how to manage their food restrictions successfully.

We decided to offer this service because of the many Healing River Chiropractic patients who have asked for nutrition guidance and want help implementing a nutrition plan. At a nutrition counseling appointment, Dr. Lindsay will sit with patients to discuss their newly identified food sensitivities and any goals they have. Depending on each person's needs, she will educate them on what those foods are, where they are commonly found, and some easy replacements. Dr. Lindsay will work with patients on meal and snack ideas too. There will also be lots of time for Dr. Lindsay to answer whatever questions a patient may have regarding their new diet and how it relates to their health.

For more information, contact Dr. Lindsay at the clinic at (651) 439-3737. You can schedule the appointment online or by calling the clinic.

The Connection between Coffee and Gluten Sensitivity 

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