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Healing River Chiropractic!

"I just wanted to let you know I am in shock at how much better my back feels after my appointment today with you and Dr. Lindsay! The treatment was...MAGICAL!" - A.S. February 2019

"I had heard about Dr. Kellie Seth for about a year and I finally made an appointment to see her, which was really easy to do. We met for an hour and she answered all of my questions with knowledge and clarity. She took time to explain everything that we were doing and made sure that I understood each of the moving parts in her work. It was truly amazing. The work that we did together in one session has truly changed my life, I am so excited that I found her and I am excited to see her again for more sessions. The cost of the session was reasonable and fair and even if it cost twice as much it would have been worth it 100%. I highly recommend Healing River and especially Dr. Kellie Seth!" - Zach C. February 2019

"I highly recommend Healing River Chiropractic and Dr. Lindsay Briggs. I’ve been working with her for almost a year and I’ve been bringing Jesa recently for stomach issues and energy. In just one week of removing sensitive foods and taking the right supplements we are already seeing progress!" - N.M.L. February 2019

"Dr. Kellie, your practices have changed our family's lives and we are so thankful for you." - K.A. December 2018

"I walked in the door a skeptic. I left as a believer. They know what they are doing." - J.Y. December 2018

"I've had a neck problem for about 40 years from a car accident. I've gone to chiropractors many years but my neck has never gotten full pain-free range of motion until I came to see Dr. Lindsay. She uses a different approach than any other I've been to and thank you!!!! My neck is pain free and has full range of motion. I always feel like a new person when she's done with me." - J.H. December 2018

"Just love this clinic! Mind body spirit healing is so important and I am grateful!" - L.B. November 2018

"Had severe muscle and ligament tension due to a rigorous training regimen. After a few adjustments with Dr. Lindsay Briggs, my symptoms exponentially improved. Without this level of care and expertise my ability to train effectively would be compromised." - D.F. October 2018

"I came here after unexplained weight loss, fatigue, a common cold that I could not kick, not sleeping, and just not feeling well. This nutrition testing changed my life for the better! Dr. Kellie has helped me get everything back in balance and I feel the best I've felt in a long time! I'm even sleeping through the night now! Thank you Dr. Kellie." - J.J. July 2018

"I was having abdominal pain and insomnia. I went to my regular doctor and after going through an ultrasound and urine testing they told me everything looked fine. I went to Dr. Kellie and after my first visit with her Dr. Kellie has changed my life for the better with her chiropractic practices and nutrition testing. I no longer feel pain in my abdominal area and get a good nights rest every night." - S.R. July 2018

“Transformational! That one word summarizes my experience with Healing River Chiropractic. I originally went to Dr. Kellie for a sciatica that had been bothering me for about two years. I couldn’t sit for more than an hour without developing intense pain. No one else had been able to help. One adjustment with Dr. Kellie and it was fixed. Hasn’t hurt since. Dr. Kellie then recommended I see her for nutritional work to address high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. I had been on BP meds for 20 years and my primary care physician was wanting to increase my dose. He was also talking about putting me on statins for cholesterol. At Dr. Kellie’s direction I made some dietary changes (gluten free, dairy free, limiting sugar). About two months before a workplace sponsored biometric evaluation I made the decision to stop taking my BP meds. I wanted to see just what impact the diet changes had. Wow! BP is now in a normal range (completely unmedicated!), and my triglycerides and cholesterol were in normal ranges for the first time ever. Here I always assumed I was a victim of heredity, but in fact I was just a victim of diet. Being gluten free and dairy free isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it. Not only are my results finally in normal ranges, I feel better too. Thank you Healing River Chiropractic and Thank you Dr. Kellie!” – Z., July 2018

“It almost feels like I am going on vacation when I go to my nutritional appointments. Dr. Kelly has a keen ability to read her patients and help them physically as well as emotionally. Is is a relief to go to her office and have someone to talk to who understands.” – M.L. June 2018 

 “I'm a huge fan of Healing River. Dr. Seth is a real healer. I lived with uncontrollable itching skin for 13 years. After a few months of de-toxification and identifying foods and chemicals that had a negative impact in my system, I have been itch-free for 6 weeks. Now we're working on the extra pounds, which also seems to be associated with toxins. It's a great process to go through. I highly recommend her.” – M.T. June 2018

"Dr. Kellie has changed my life with chiropractic and nutrition testing. My anxiety and depression are virtually non-existent and my body moves better than it ever has in my life! So many benefits and blessings received through her work." - M.W. March 2018

"I believe Dr. Kellie is very good at what she does. The supplements that she has recommended for me are working well."-J.P. February 2018

"Dr. Kellie does a fantastic job with the kids. She makes it easy, non-threatening and helps parents understand muscle testing and nutritional response. Not pushy. Office staff is kind and helpful. Resourceful and kind and understanding." - A.N. February 2018

“Doc Kellie is fantastic. She does a phenomenal job with kids getting down to their level and making them feel comfortable. And making it fun. She's the first person to give me hope in possibly resolving my daughter’s digestive issues.” - S.S February 2018

“I was having bad intestinal issues 
that had me stay close to a restroom. Knowing that this isn't normal, I wanted to see if it could be healed naturally before seeing a medical doctor. Dr. Kellie knew right away what was going on. She explained things that made sense. As  I follow what I should be doing, I'm feeling great! I'm glad that things are almost healed and knowing this will not be something that will last a lifetime!” – A.N. January 2018

"Today's emotional releasing had a big difference; I was still kind of down on myself today about my frustrations yesterday, but after having them released and going back to my life i can absolutely tell the difference in my being. It was really cool to feel a big change like that!" - D.D. January 2018

“I really gained a lot – even in my very first appointment. I think I will gain a lot of benefit for my life! I am excited!” – A.N. December 2017

“Dr. Seth is a miracle worker! I came in with lingering side effect from brain injury and chronic hip pain from a car accident. It took a bit of time, but Dr. Seth continued to work with me via adjustments, nutritionally and some energy work. By staying the course, continuing to show up for care and trusting that Dr. Seth would help me get well again, I can honestly say my brain issues have lifted and my pain is gone. I feel like the woman I did before the accident. I can't thank Dr. Seth enough for her expertise, encouragement and the belief that together I could get well. Thank you.” – K.K. December 2017

"Dr. Kellie has a unique approach to healthcare that is very beneficial. I'm so glad I finally was able to become a patient of hers. I will continue to recommend her to all my friends and family." -B.H. December 2017

"This has been an eye opening experience. Dr. Kellie is amazing and she is very informative and my husband loves coming here. He finally has some hope!"  -J.M. December 2017

​“I have had knee pain for many years and despite previous chiropractic treatment, it had not improved. Now, after seeing Dr. Seth, I am thrilled to say I am actually pain free! She is not only a great chiropractor, she is a healer who has made an amazing difference in my life. (If I was younger I would be running and skipping to share this information.) In addition to her treatment, she gave me simple stretching home exercises to do. I am still pain free after 6 months! Thank you Dr. Seth!  - Kate, December 2017

"Dr. Seth has a gift I'm blessed she shares. Very intuitive and wonderful bedside manner!" - A.R. December 2017

"Dr. Kelly is the best at what she does. She is really good at telling you how to use the supplements and natural medications that your body needs. I have referred two people to her. She has helped me to get my health back to normal again. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to get healthy or get their body back into shape. I would highly recommend her." - L.J. December 2017

"Everyone is so friendly & warm...a very comfortable environment." -S.L., December 2017

“Dr. Kellie is very talented with nutritional response testing. I had done this years ago, but nothing this thorough. I can't wait to see the changes in me, from some dietary changes and nutritional bursts. Both Drs. Kellie and Brittney were professional with caring bedside manners.” – D.D., July 2017​

“I went in to see Dr. Kellie for a nutrition/wellness appointment. During our conversation it came up that I felt like I had no energy. She prescribed a few supplements and within 1-2 weeks my energy came back. Now 4 weeks later I feel great, I'm sleeping better, and feel like I have the energy to take on the day. I no longer feel like sleeping constantly and have the desire to keep moving instead of not wanting to move. Thank you Dr. Kelli and Healing River Chiropractic!”  - Melody, June 2017

“Over the past 10 years I have been told I was pre-diabetic. I had been able to stay pre-diabetic by losing weight and changing my diet. Since seeing Dr. Kellie, I AM NO LONGER PRE-DIABETIC! All my blood work and my blood pressure are in the "normal" range. Thank you Dr. Kellie!” - June 2017

“My 1st visit to Dr. Kellie was in late March. I came to her because I was swollen on the right side of my face and I had numbness on the right side of my head. I also had hives and intense itching on my neck and my right ear had humming. Plus my digestion was not good! I was feeling overwhelmed and not feeling good at all. Dr. Kellie tested me and found I had food sensitivities. She stated "I had a lot of garbage going on inside and I need a garbage truck to go in and remove the garbage!" She put me on supplements and advised me to avoid eating the foods I was sensitive to. Five visits later I'm feeling 100% better. She tests me every week to adjust my supplements. I'm so blessed and thankful for all Dr. Kellie has done for me.”  – G.F. May 2017

“All I can say is ‘life changing’ about the treatment I have received from Dr. Kellie Seth. I have had a lot of trauma to my body between surgeries and being a cancer survivor. I have felt drastically better after seeing Dr. Seth. My diet has improved from following her advice. I have dealt with constipation, abdominal pain, no sleep, bloating and a constant lack of energy. Everything improved after seeing Kellie Seth. I am so thankful I have found her and don't know what I would be doing if I did not. I also have started losing weight I was fighting for a year.” - C. S. April 2017

​"I'd been to Dr. Seth previously for very effective adjustments, but I've just recently experienced her true healing abilities. After enduring severe hearing loss due to an inner ear infection and several visits to traditional Western doctors, I was treated by Dr. Seth. A single visit, two days of supplements and my hearing was restored. I can only describe my experience with Dr. Seth as amazing..." – S.S. February 2017

"Healing River Chiropractic has changed my life for the better through the healing power of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). I struggled with low energy, fatigue, and anxiety for years. It was to the point that I was even tired of driving to work in the morning after a full night of sleep. I had a sleep study done and met with various doctors, but the problems continued. Then I heard about Dr. Kellie through a friend. NRT sure sounded strange, but I thought I had nothing to lose. It was worth a try. I've seen Dr. Kellie over the past year and am feeling better than I have in years. My energy has improved, my anxiety diminished, and to top it off I lost some weight. NRT got at the root of my problems and is healing me from the inside out. It is the best thing I've done for myself and I'm so thankful for Dr. Kellie. In many ways NRT sounds too good to be true - but now I know it really works. If you are struggling with unresolved health issues NRT at Healing River Chiropractic is the way to go!" - N.Z., January 2017

“I am 73 years old and have had bronchitis and asthma so severe that for the past 9 years I had to cancel out of my Christmas and Spring choral group concerts.
I had seen 7 physicians, 4 of them specialists, who offered support and prescriptions but no relief. Through Dr. Kellie and Nutrition Response Testing and supplements my breathing and cough began to improve immediately and after 11 months the bronchitis has not returned and I have not had an asthma attack. This Christmas season I'm singing again, much to my delight. She also healed my eczema and persistent nighttime leg cramps, apparently caused by the same food sensitivities. As a bonus I began losing weight and have gone down 4 pant sizes, no longer need laxatives for constipation, no longer worry about urinary incontinence. I feel good, have more energy and am enjoying life more.  She never pushed me into anything, just gently encouraged me and listened carefully to my story. I am forever indebted to her.” N.C., December 2016

"I'm an 88 year old man, I tripped and fell, broke my femur.
Was on a walker for 3 months when I started seeing Dr. Kellie. Now after careful adjustments I'm using a cane and trying to be rid of that. Injured shoulder many years ago with limited use, and now much improved. Overall health so much improved. Highly recommend her. I no longer wear knee braces or a back brace." – V.W., September 2016​

I have been struggling with Plantar fasciitis for at least 4 months.  After visiting podiatrists and getting orthotics I decided to go to Dr. Kellie. After one treatment I was walking pain free.  - M.B. Aug 2016

My tremors disappeared. Much more steady walking. My lower back pain - gone. Over all, I fell wonderful at 88.” M.F. - March 2016

"Amazing adjustment this morning at Healing River Chiropractic!!! Thanks so much Kellie Seth!!! You rock!!! ;) Feeling brand new and I can actually look over my left shoulder!!! Who knew?" K.T. Jan 2016

"It has been a real pleasure to receive health and wellness services from Dr. Kellie and to work with her office team! Dr. Kellie and Kristi (I have not yet met Teal) are not only professional but friendly and empathetic too. It's not hard to look forward to seeing them for my appointments. Late this past summer (2015) I had a regular appointment and asked Dr. Kellie if she knew of any podiatrists - I had been suffering with foot pain near the ball of my foot for probably a couple of decades and assumed all that time that I had arthritis, and the pain had finally moved me to want to do something about it, not wanting to carry that into my 50s or beyond. She replied, 'No, but let's take a look.' Every other week or so since then she has been adjusting my foot (the entire length, top and bottom, as needed) and sometimes that ankle and knee - changes right away and improvements shortly after! Yay! I continue to improve and I'm even able to wear shoes other than my clogs with the wide toe box and solid arch support - it's great to have options in shoe choices again! Foot adjustments! - who knew?! - cool! Such a relief! And it's always neat to observe the changes in my body just after adjustments by Dr. Kellie - it feels like the buzzing of healing energy, is how I like to think of it - it feels super! With thanks to Dr. Kellie and her knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and healing touch. Thank you too, Kristi, for being the always-pleasant front-line person in Healing River's serene and convenient location. "J .L. Jan 2016

“As times goes on my ability to go up steps keeps getting harder.  The biggest problem is trying to raise my right leg high enough to get on my bike.  I’ve had physical therapy at three different times over the past 4 years, and nothing changes.  I'm getting ready to spend the winter in FL and I need to ride a bike to get around the large park.  My daughter told me about Dr. Seth. So I decided this would be the last chance to have things change.  I have seen Dr. Seth six times and I’m ready for FL. Last winter in FL I had to drive the car around the park and now this year I’ll be on my bike! I’m a young 77 Years.” J.M. Dec 2015

"A special THANKS to Dr Seth and staff! I am 59 year old male that has had chronic back low back pain for about 25 years. I found traditional chiropractic too aggressive and did not like my neck twisted and cracked. I tried the Physician's Neck and Back Clinic however I still suffered from low grade pain. I have been a member at a health club for 25 years. I thought I tried everything and nothing made the pain go away. My wife found Dr. Seth and saw her when needed for about a year. My wife finally convinced me to go see Kellie in the spring of 2015. After my first visit, I knew I was in good hands. Kellie's knowledge and healing techniques are amazing! My visits to Dr Seth has allowed my low back to heal and for the first time in 25 years I am now pain free! We are so fortunate to have an asset like Dr. Seth in our community. I highly recommend anyone that is having any pain or health issue to go see Dr Seth."  - J.N. Nov 2015

"For 15 years I’ve been getting treatment by numerous doctors to cure or just relieve the annoying discomfort of planter fasciitis. I’ve seen the foot specialist, the sports medicine folks and even an acupuncturist all to no avail. During that time I’ve had to wear a night boot just to get a decent night’s sleep as it would cramp up so much without it. So the next step was surgery and I didn’t want to go there, plus they said it might not take care of it……then a friend told me about Dr. Kellie Seth and how she was able to help her with some back issues. I picked up the phone, made an appointment and after 6 visits, my foot has never been better in fact I’d say I’m nearly healed 100% and the night boot I’ve been wearing…..what night boot as I don’t own one any longer. I can’t stop singing the praises of what Kellie has done for me and my well being it’s just fantastic. Thank you Kellie for everything."  M.F. - Nov 2015

"My session with Dr. Seth was a profound experience. I walk with greater ease and am noticeably standing taller and straighter. Her initial treatment literally gave me a new lease on life. I am so grateful!" Isadora Tavens Practical Nurse-Herbalist-Flower Essence Practitioner Chicago, IL - Oct 2015

"Dr. Kellie's holistic approach to health and wellness is the very best!
She is an exceptionally gifted and talented doctor with an intuitive sense that allows her to better understand the root causes of injury and sickness... which means she helps you heal the body quicker! In the six months that I've seen her for chiropractic help and NRT, she has fixed by low back, TMJ (jaw pain and tension), vertigo, as well as digestion issues and more. Dr. Kellie is a gift to our community. I'm so grateful for her help. I feel better now than I have in...ever actually... and I'm 51 years old." 

A.L. - Oct 2015

"All my life I’ve been going to chiropractors. They all seem to have a very aggressive adjustment style. I started coming to Dr. Kellie Seth and found that her gentle techniques are much better for me! My body accepts the adjustments and seems to respond so much better! And my extreme headaches are finally gone! I also love the energy balancing she does.  Dr. Kellie really cares about your entire health journey.  Thank you for helping my overall health!" M.H. - Oct 2015

"I am a 54 year old female that has had problems with right hip and pelvis area for many years.  I was seeing other chiropractor’s and occupational therapists multiple times over the years; it never completely resolved.  I re-injured the area after I fell in a deep hole and injured my knee.  My knee was misdiagnosed and I walked crooked for four moths.  After knee surgery I could not walk steps with our severe pain in my lower back and hips.  I started seeing Dr. Kellie last January, 2015 and quickly realized I needed a Nutrition Response Test.  I prayed she would have the wisdom and guidance to help a once sparky person.  The results showed multiple areas that needed to be healed such as my adrenal glands.  After three days of the adrenal medicine I realized my “doom and gloom” left.
While I was healing my adrenal glands my pain and stiffness from my pelvis area continued to spread and became so severe I needed help to dress and bath.  I could not lift my arms.  I was tested in Western medicine and a rheumatologist found “reactive arthritis”.  This is a reaction to an inflammatory process with unknown causes.  The solution was prednisone and Humara.  I brought this information back to Dr. Kellie who found bacteria, parasites and a virus in my small intestine.  I remember her telling me “Seventy percent of the bodies autoimmune disease comes from the gut”. God has blessed her and with the NRT supplements I continue to heal.  The inflammation continues to decline without any western medicines.  I am writing this to let others know of the beautiful way our bodies are designed to heal with the right foods or supplements."

P.P. - Oct 2015

"I've gone to chiropractors for about 40 years now. Most of them provide an aggressive adjustment. My body would tense up in anticipation of the adjustments, making them more painful and not effective. My symptoms would continually recur about every 6 weeks. From my first adjustment with Dr. Kelly, I have found my body responds SO much better to her gentle techniques! Plus with her intuition and energy therapy knowledge and skills, she really treats the WHOLE body, not just your spine & joints! She really cares about YOU and your Health! Now, as a Massage Therapist, I'm referring all my clients to Dr. Kelly. You really must try her! She is the best!!"  M.H. - August 2015

"You already know you 2 are the best! Thanks for caring for and about me. "J.M. - July 2015

"Thank you for knowing when to defer to a specialists. It turned out it was far more serious than a sore back."   K.H. - June 2015

"I have dealt with lower back issues since my daughter was born.  Through continuous treatment from Dr. Seth and stretching at home, my back feels great.  When something causes my back to hurt, Dr. Seth finds the root of my problem and fixes it on the spot. My family and I feel fortunate to have such an awesome natural healer in Stillwater. " C.T. - June 2015

"The services I have received from Dr. Kellie have been amazing. The 10 day detox program was easy and I felt phenomenal and recommend it to all. I started my healing journey with Dr. Kellie in July of 2014. She has restored the use of my leg that was literally non-functioning. NRT has definitely helped my chronic skin issues and impaired immune system. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!! Dr. Kellie's insight has been a blessing and I know without her help I would still be struggling. Western Medicine may have fixed some of me, but Dr. Kellie picked up the pieces and put me back together. " A.M. - May 2015

"Since seeing Dr. Seth for both NRT and chiropractic care, my body has felt the best it's felt in several years. I have a chronic autoimmune condition that impacts my organs and vascular system. Through NRT I was able to learn what foods irritated my system and since cutting them out, I have more energy, have lost weight and less inflammation in my organs and skin. I also don't have food cravings as I used to.

The chiropractic care I receive is holistic in nature and nothing like the chiropractic care I've received by other providers over the past 20 years. Instead of every patient receiving the same 4-5 manual maneuvers, Dr. Seth works with each patient and listens to the complaints. She then selects the holistic approach appropriate for the patient's symptoms and gently and effectively moves the body back into alignment. There is no cracking or twisting involved. My adjustments have held longer with Dr. Seth than with other chiropractors. Her intuition of what's going on with my body along with her techniques has allowed my body to heal. I'm now stronger than I've been in 4 years and have been able to regain my stamina to handle work demands more effectively and also begin working out for the first time in 2 years.

Thank you for helping me get my quality of life back and for helping my body become mine again!" S.C. -  May 2015.

“THANK YOU!!!! For the first time in over 6 months my back didn’t hurt when laying down. You are deeply talented and I am blessed to have been able to get into your practice. I can’t wait to see you today for my little one. Thank you again.” S.B. -  March 2015

“If you are looking for a well rounded alternative medicine practitioner who will fully evaluate all your symptoms, listen to your needs, be flexible then please contact Dr. Kellie Seth. She is a true professional who strives to work for you and your interests. Most of all, she is a kind and honest person, and anyone would greatly enjoy being healed by her.
My son and I have been seeing Dr Seth for NRT (Nutrition Response Testing), a non-invasive brilliantly accurate method of finding out what nutrition your body needs or does not as well as what toxins you need to eliminate.
Part I: My Son's Treatment
I took my 2 and a half year old to Dr. Seth as I was out of any medical options and I knew that I had nothing to lose. I did not know what to expect but and am so glad that I gave it a chance as it has changed our lives (more on me below). I told Dr Kellie all of my son's aliments, which in summary were Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida overgrowth, Low Stomach acidity, Severe Constipation, various severe nut allergies and tons more food intolerances. All of this I did NOT learn from MDs or physicians, or even couple of nutritional specialists that I took him to. It wasn't until my son was 15 months that I first heard of the Leaky Gut Diagnosis and that it is caused by Candida overgrowth due to antibiotics, which he was administered right after he was born.
By that point, I knew most of the foods that he was severely intolerant to and was able to cross-reference those with the foods to avoid when you have Candida and they all matched. I read all I could find on curing a Leaky Gut and discovered the GAPS diet. I implemented the diet for
my son and quickly saw amazing improvement in his mood, brain development and sleep. However, after one year, a lot of other symptoms just never went away and we still battled with yeast butt rashes, constipation, upset stomach and much more. I realized the diet was a good stepping stone but not the answer for him.
This is when I heard that Dr Kellie has a way to test for food allergies and I was intrigued. Since then, she has identified new foods that my son can eat that were not allowed on the GAPS diet, identified foods that he was intolerant to but I could not distinguish as symptoms were more mild and confirmed all the foods that I had identified he is allergic or intolerant to. I revamped his diet yet again to only allow foods that he tested were good for him. I saw a huge improvement in him: he had no more crazy gas, constipation was far less common, sleeping more soundly and calmly and no more yeast butt rashes. Additionally, she tested various supplements and super foods that I was either giving or hoping to give him to help heal his leaky gut and kill Candida.
Part II: My treatment
As a result of her diagnoses and treatment, I have been able to better understand my body and take greater care of it. Until I saw Dr Kellie, my main focus had been healing my son and there was never enough time for me. She made me realize the importance to getting me well and provided real answers to my plaguing health problems with real results. Over 6 months, I've gone from having low energy, barely getting through the day and foggy brain to feeling like I used to when I was in college, full of energy, my mind is so clear and positive, I can better take care of my son and family and still find time for myself and friends without collapsing at night.
It turns out, I had been suffering from low immune system function, mercury toxicity, hormonal imbalance and Candida overgrowth. We are still working to resolve some of these but so far the results speak for themselves.” M.W. March 2015

“Dr. Kellie has helped me a lot.  She works on my head and gave me adjustments that I needed.  I see really good and there is no more rubbing of my eyes.  She does a wonderful job.  I feel twenty years younger. I am an old age lady.”  K.R. March 2015

"Each time I visit Kellie, I am still amazed at how wonderfully different her approach to chiropractic is. I started going to see her last spring, not too long after she opened her business. For at least 10 if not 15 years I had seen the same chiropractor. I was getting tired of the same routine and the same adjustment every time I went with really no improvement. My old doctor never really did anything different, never told me the reasons why I was out of alignment or what I could do to prevent it from happening. Seeing Kellie was a breath of fresh air! Not only is she very knowledgeable about the body and how it works, but she physically adjusts your body differently. There is no loud cracking or popping. In fact a lot of times you don't really notice that you adjusted until you are standing and feeling the difference right away. Years ago (when I was seeing my old chiro) I started getting mild migraines. I noticed when they started that my neck was very sore and I was constantly rolling it or massaging it to help. I'd get popped and cracked and would feel better....but the migraines would only stay away for so long. Since going to Kellie I have not only not had any migraines, but my neck never feels as sore or tight as it used to when I was adjusted so hard. Kellie's technique is very gentle and very effective. I highly recommend her to anyone and have already sent many of my coworkers to see her who are very happy as well. Thank you Kellie for doing such wonderful work! M.S. February 2015”

“Dr. Kellie has helped my son out so much, before he saw her he was so short on patience. He always would “yell” at us.  After he had gone awhile to her you can see the difference about him, how he is changed, he has patience and he is fun to to be around now.  Dr. Kellie has helped me out, I don’t ache anymore.  Before every muscle ached all day and night.  Now I feel good like young 76 lady ready to take on the world.” February 2015

“I didn't want to say anything sooner for fear of jinxing it but.....
My skin is healing!! One week. It's practically gone, I kid you not. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to you and your talent of reading my body. There really aren't words, this is a game changer. Thank you from my very depths.” N.M. February 2015“

For six months I suffered through severe lower back pain. I could not pick up my children, bend over or turn my torso without excruciating pain. During that period, I worked with physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons but was unable to accomplish any relief. Fortunately I met Dr. Kellie, within 35 minutes of meeting her my pain was gone! Dr. Kellie gave me my life back and I would/have recommend her to anyone!” - J.B. 2014

“I was in a motorcycle/deer collision in May ’13 After over 40 visits to PT and Chiropractic care, my insurance ran out and so was my patience. In one visit to Dr Kellie, I felt issues changing. From years of pain, back surgery and the accident, I know I will not be fixed overnight or a couple of visits. After 5 visits, I am feeling remarkably better. Dr Kellie takes her time and listens to me to make informed adjustments that work and are finally making a difference. I will continue to see Dr.Kellie to help me achieve better health. Thank you.” - J.M. 2014

“After nearly two years of struggling with pains and limited mobility in my shoulder I feel like it is coming to an end. Surgery, physical therapy, home exercises, chiropractic visits, and lots of time helped but I saw no end. After nearly an hour with Dr Kellie my mobility was drastically improved and pain is nearly gone. It has been about three weeks and things are looking up.” - A.B. 2014

“I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Kellie for the amazing job you did helping me with my left knee related injuries. You may recall mentioning that at the end of my first half marathon in September I was in so much pain and I needed some help.  After seeing you in your office on several occasions, my knee felt great and I have been running two more half marathons and I improved my September time by 15 minutes or so.”   - A.G. 2014

“I would like to say thank you to Dr. Kellie at Healing River Chiropractic for helping me immensely during my pregnancy. I was in my third trimester and suffering from terrible sciatic pain. I have a toddler whom I was chasing around and could barely cope! I was ready to accept that I would spend the rest of my pregnancy in pain. Dr. Kellie spent almost an hour with me adjusting and massaging my spine, legs, and especially my belly. She was able to help the ligaments in my belly to relax allowing the baby to shift helping alleviate some of the pressure on my spine. She was so gentle and thorough. And much to my happiness the terrible pain was actually gone! Yes, gone. I spent the rest of my pregnancy chasing my toddler and sleeping comfortably, pain free.” - T.B. 2014

“After coming to Healing River Chiropractic I discovered after a few visits my upper back pain is gone and I can bend over and tie my shoes.  Thanks Dr. Seth - Keep up the good work!” J.H. September 2014

"Amazing…gifted…intuitive…talented…listener…HEALER! In just one treatment my mobility improved dramatically.  I have suffered from foot and ankle pain for years.  My knee has never quite recovered from total replacement, which was 2 years ago.  Nutritionally we have found my body compromised. The is no doubt with Dr. Kellie’s incredible knowledge and healing hands I will recover.  You are amazing! I am so blessed and in such good hands.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you Dr. Kellie Seth!” September 2014

"I have had back problems most of my life.  Over the years I have been to 4 different chiropractors.  Now that i have found Dr. Kellie I will never go to anyone else again.  I felt better after my very first visit.  She is amazing!  I no longer wake up in the mornings with a headache and every time I leave her office I have a smile on my face.  She is so personable and her fees are very reasonable.  I felt better after only one visit with her than I did after 3-4 visits at other chiropractors.  Dr. Kellie has a new patient for life.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!” September 2014

“As a new Mom, I bought my 6 week old daughter to see Dr. Kellie.  My daughter appeared to very uncomfortable through the days and I heard chiropractic work can help.  Dr. Kelly was very professional and gentle with her, listen to our story and educated me before treatment began for her.  I was very pleased with our experience and happy to report that my daughter seems to be so much more comfortable and sleeping better.”  A.T. July 2014

“Wow, what a healer this woman is.  I’ve had low back and neck issues for 10 plus years and with two visits I have relief I didn't think was possible.  I have movement in my neck from side to side and up and down that is hard to believe has happened.  I’ve had a chiropractor for more than 15 years and will not go back.  Dr. Seth is it, Period.” M.H. July 2014

“Dr. Kellie has helped me by adjusting my knees and ankles and I feel much better.”  S.S. (age 10) July 2014

“Over the years I have been to many other chiropractors, but Dr. Kellie has very quickly got to the root problem and helped me heal.  I heard the hard way that I couldn't actually pick up my dad’s Cadillac after a minor car accident. As one who has had over twenty years of on again, off again, on again back/neck/hip pain, I would highly recommend Dr. Kellie to anyone.  An additional bonus, the office while compact, is tranquil and has a great view of the river and downtown Stillwater. “ T.S. July 2014

“After the first time with Dr. Seth I felt great the next day.  I haven't felt this good in years.  I used to be tired in the morning and late afternoon, now I am not.  No shoulder or neck pain.  I fell like I’m in my teen years now.” K.R. September 2014

“Dr. Kellie Seth treats all aspects of the individual, not just the structural piece.  She is extremely detailed and uses many different approaches in both her assessment and treatment plan.  It encompasses much more than just relief of symptoms, she works on healing the source of the issue.  I had results after just one session.  I highly recommend her.”  T.A. October 2014

“While I was getting an adjustment from Dr. Seth one day I asked her one question and wow was I glad I did.  The question I asked her was what kind of supplements should a guy take and how much do you take? She took the time to go through how she tested her patients for nutritional response.  So I made the appointment and she now has me on the right track.  I wake up in the morning refreshed and have much more energy during the day.  I feel like I’m in 20’s (I’m in my mid 40’s). I wished Dr. Seth would of been around years earlier but now glad she is here in Stillwater.  I never felt this great at the end of the day.  It didn't happen over night but less than a month I could feel the difference.  So take the nutritional response test and feel better in coming weeks and months.  Be truthful with Dr. Seth and ask questions if you don’t understand.  I’m glad I made the appointment, I feel like a new man.  Again Thanks Dr. Seth for making me feel better inside and out.” K.R. 2014

“I started with Dr. Seth with a limp and lost of pain in my ankle.  Today I am pain free, walk normally and I’m looking forward to running again.  Dr. Seth’s abilities are amazing! recommend her to all my friends.” C.W. 2014

“This is my first time here, Dr. Seth did a wonderful job on me. No more pain in my leg and my lower back feels real good.  I will tell my friends about this treatment and how good I feel.” 2013

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